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Rowena and Brian moved into Finkle Green in September 2014.  The bungalow had only one previous owner and was in need of renovation, the strains of the project were eased whenever they looked out of the lounge window at the back and saw the panoramic views of the beautiful Pennine lowlands and moors, it literally took their breath away along with everyone who came to visit. 

With their four children forging their own successful careers around the country they knew they needed to extend (it only had two bedrooms) to enable them to come and stay in comfort, but with busy lives they knew that was not going to be that often, so the idea of the Bed and Breakfast was born.

The hospitality trade wasn't new to them as they had previously owned a couple of real ale pubs in Sheffield and tenanted the Wortley Arms, where they had letting rooms.

Sustainability was at the forefront of their minds when renovating and extending the building to accommodate 4 extra en suite bedrooms, they were lucky as their eldest son - an architect, had designed ecologically sound projects for clients in London and so the quest to incorporate these features began.  The building is heated by the ground - pipes were driven 105m down into the earth and the heat pumped up is distributed around the building through underfloor heating.  The electricity to drive the pumps is generated from the 22 discreet solar panels on the roof and the walls and windows are all insulated to the latest specifications.  In 2022 an EV Charging Point was installed for guests to use.

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